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April 11, 2011
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How many times can you hear “you look good with a little meat” , “you wouldn’t look right if you were thin” dont worry the camera add 5 pounds. This begs the age old question how many camera’s are on me?

Yes it’s time to start another weight loss journey and this time around I’m going the route of the V-Diet. What does this entail? Simply put 28 days of pure protein shakes, no carbs and one healthy solid meal a week. Then for 2 weeks there is transition. Is this the best way to lose the weight, Im not sure but at this point something has got to get me focused again.

So the starting numbers are not pretty. In this corner weighing in at a stealth 202 pounds – Butter Bean (AKA Yours Truly). If the V Diet gestapo find this post they wont be happy with me as I am not using the almighty BioTest products. I am going the 50% off route of True Protein Team Skip, Fish Oil, BCAA’s, Super Green, EC Stack and a few other items. The bill from BioTest would have been over 5 bills….This way just a little over $220.00. Im not knocking BioTest by any means, everything I have read says their great products, just seem a little pricey for me at this time.

I’m not really expecting anyone to read this. Its more a way for me to have an outlet to track progress and go nuts when someone in the office orders a pizza and I’m headlong into my 3rd shake of the day. Speaking of, its time for me to enjoy a Double Fudge delight..

Weight Loss FTW


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